About The Muggs

After the success of my hit book A Raptor Tale, I wanted to keep expanding and showing my love for writing.  And what better way to tie in my love of sports than with Motivational Muggs, an inspirational quote to get your morning started with every sip.

On the mugs you’ll see a familiar face, too!  Each one features an illustration of our beloved friend the Raptors mascot, as seen in A Raptor Tale.  They make a perfect gift for any sports fan big or small – be sure to collect all three!

GoDaddy made it easy to get it online, so even while on my book tour, I was able to get Motivational Muggs up and running in no time.  I hope you’re inspired by these mugs as much as I am, and remember that you can always make your dreams come true, no matter how big they may be.

~ Muggsy Bogues

About Muggsy Bogues

While in Toronto, legendary point guard Muggsy Bogues helped bring the Raptors to their first ever playoff series.  Now retired from basketball, he’s ranked 16 among all-time assist leaders in the NBA. 

Since retiring, Muggsy has continued to assist thousands of children through non-profit programs that focus on student athletics, leadership development, character building, mentoring and team building.


Your purchase has a happy ending too.  Net proceeds from Motivational Muggs and A Raptor Tale go to The MLSE Foundation – an amazing charity dedicated to helping youth achieve their  dreams through the spirit and power of sport.