About My Book

As a proud granddad, I know a thing or two about a good bedtime story. So, I decided to write one about one of the greatest fairy tales ever – the Toronto Raptors journey from NBA outsiders to world champions. When I played for the Toronto Raptors, I loved the mascot’s infectious energy, and that’s why I decided to make him the hero of my book. 

GoDaddy made it easy to get it online, so now I can share A Raptor Tale with everyone. I hope you enjoy A Raptor Tale, and know that you can always make your dreams come true, no matter how big they may be.

 ~ Muggsy Bogues

About Muggsy Bogues

While in Toronto, legendary point guard Muggsy Bogues helped bring the Raptors to their first ever playoff series. Now retired from basketball, he’s ranked 16 among all-time assist leaders in the NBA. 

Since retiring, Muggsy has continued to assist thousands of children through non-profit programs that focus on student athletics, leadership development, character building, mentoring and team building.


Net proceeds of A Raptor Tale go to The MLSE Foundation, so you know your money is helping make someone else’s dreams come true.